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With Protective Kevlar Sleeve
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Elimination of Spring Sag

  • Prevents vehicle sagging and maintains original height
  • Allows for adjustable air pressure in the suspension


  • Suitable for standard, lowered, and raised suspensions
  • Provides a stable ride that enhances steering and braking

Improved Ride Comfort

  • Adapts to different road conditions to absorb shocks and vibrations
  • Provides a smoother and more comfortable ride for passengers
  • Allows for adjustable ground clearance

Enhanced Stability and Handling

  • Improves weight distribution, stabilizes body roll, and provides better control and handling
  • Suitable for towing and hauling heavy loads

Reduced Wear and Tear

  • Distributes weight evenly across all four tires, reducing stress and prolonging tire life

Easy to Install and Maintain

  • Simple installation and easy maintenance

Adjustable Levelling Control

  • Allows for better control over the vehicle's levelling
  • Makes it easier to load and unload heavy cargo

Even Tire Wear

  • Adjusts vehicle height according to load, distributing weight evenly across all four tires
  • Absorbs shocks and vibrations from the road, reducing stress on tires and prolonging their life

Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Firestone airbags come with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty

Fitment Time:

  • 120 minutes

Get it fitted:

  • We have a workshop in Brendale, Brisbane where you can get this kit fitted. Please email for more info to get it fitted ($295).