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Introducing the JumpSurge2000 - The Ultimate 2000 Peak Amp Jump-Starter and Power Bank!

Are you tired of being stranded with a dead car battery? The JumpSurge2000 has got you covered. With a 2000 Peak Amp jump-starter, this device supports vehicles with 12V batteries on gas engines (up to 8L) and on diesel engines (up to 6L).

This tool features multi-protection for extra safety and charges your devices faster than a standard charger. It's more powerful, faster, and offers wider vehicle coverage.

Here are some of the features that make the JumpSurge2000 a must-have tool in your car:

  • Be prepared for up to 8L gas and 6L diesel vehicles!
  • 16000 mAh battery capacity. Jump 35 times on a single charge!
  • 2000 Peak cranking amps let you provide lifesaving jumps in seconds!
  • Incredible Boost Function revives dead or damaged batteries!
  • Highly versatile charging with a USB Quick Charge 3.0 port, supporting 5V/3A, 9V/2A & 12V/1A. Fully charge most devices and electronics within an hour (smartphone, tablet, camera, kindle, speaker, and more)!
  • 300-Lumen LED Light provides light for nighttime repairs and unexpected blackouts, with three light modes: Flashlight, Emergency Strobe, and SOS Strobe
  • High-quality structure design and circuitry keep the JumpSurge2000 between -20°c and 60°c.
  • Sturdy outer housing makes it resistant to splash, dust, and rough handling.
  • The innovative Stop Spark™ sensors protect the JumpSurge2000, the car, and the user! These sensors pause the JumpSurge2000 if used 4 times within 10 minutes, preventing overheating.

Don't let a dead car battery ruin your day. With the JumpSurge2000, you can be prepared for anything. Get yours today and experience the highest safety designs with you in mind.


From Sydney, Australia