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Please note: These will suit the Ford Ranger Next Gen 2022 ON.


Are you tired of your 4X4 tailgate slamming down under its weight? Do you want to easily lift the tailgate after loading into it? These Easy Up & Soft Down Tailgate Struts lighten the load of your tailgate by up to 80% Easily!

Product Notes:

  • With the Easy Up & Slow Down kit, you receive 2 separate struts. One for the Driver's side & one for the Passenger side. Each strut, though looking similar, serves a separate purpose.
  • The Easy Up strut is a traction strut & the Slow Down is an oil dampener-type strut.
  • The Easy Up helps facilitate closing the tailgate by assisting in pulling it upwards once you start to push/pull it upwards.
  • The Slow down strut helps the tailgate lower at a more moderate speed by taking the weight, avoiding the slamming down of the tailgate due to its weight & gravity.
  • We hope this helps answer some of our most asked questions regarding this product.


  • Brand: URSA 4X4
  • Fits Vehicles and Years: Next-Gen Ford Ranger 22 on
  • Material: High-Quality Hydraulic Dampers with Stainless Steel Fittings.
  • End Fitting: Stainless steel riveted head locking system
  • Installation Time: Approx 5-10 min (according to the manual)
  • Piston Rod: QPQ Surface Treatment Applied Process
  • Color: Black
  • Temperature Withstand: -30°C-80°C
  • Package includes: All mounting hardware & instructions included
  • Item Weight: 924 Grams
  • Support: 24-Months


WARRANTY: URSA 4X4 offers a 24-month warranty on products used from the date of purchase (unless noted otherwise). If you require any assistance with your product, please contact us.