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Black, Electric


MSA 4X4’s Patented Towing Mirrors are designed to suit any situation. They can be used for towing as well as everyday driving. These mirrors feature a large single mirror that pivots on an extremely heavy-duty extension slide. This allows the mirror to be returned to its first ‘non-towing’ position for your everyday driving.

We think differently at MSA 4X4, ‘towing’ mirrors is a restrictive description for an ‘all-round driving mirror like ours. Traditional ‘towing mirrors’ are great for towing but not daily driving. Hence we have designed a set of mirrors suitable for both. Our mirrors can be adjusted into four positions, the first being the ‘non-towing’ position. This will allow you to park your car in tighter spaces like car parks and garages.

Safety is a top priority during the design process of all our products. MSA 4X4 cares for the safety of all customers and has ensured all mirrors are ADR compliant.


Four different mirror positions for any situation.

  •  Adjustable viewing angles
  •  Vertical and horizontal adjustment caters.
  •  Large, single mirror
  •  Unique pivot design
  •  The mirror’s actuator automatically adapts, allowing you to retain the standard adjustments
  •  Designed to fold inwards or outwards
  •  Market-leading 5-Year Warranty.
  •  Tested and approved ADR Compliant.
Weight 14 kg
Freight Dimensions 54 × 53 × 31 cm