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The TX3120S Plug n Play is designed for easy installation in any vehicle within minutes, requiring no drilling, cutting, or soldering. Perfect for convoy journeys or rental vehicles, it's engineered in Australia with features like the widest LCD in its class, twin rotary controls, and GME's ScanSuite scanning technology for uninterrupted conversations. When not in use, all accessories neatly pack away into the included travel case, ready for your next adventure.

What's in the box?

  • TX3120S Super compact UHF CB radio
  • Compact Magnetic Antenna
  • Windscreen Suction Mount
  • 12V DC Auxiliary Power Lead
  • Speaker Microphone
  • Convenient Travel Case
  • Mounting Accessories Pack

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Volume Control: Automatically adjusts for varying signal levels, ensuring consistent audio output.
  • Flip Mounting Option: Unique display flip function allows installation upside down with readable display orientation.
  • Clear Sound Digital Signal Processing: Enhances audio quality by filtering and compressing analogue signals into digital format.
  • Full Spectrum Backlighting: Customisable settings for smooth integration with vehicle dashboard lighting.
  • ScanSuite: Enables continuous scanning and uninterrupted communication.
  • TurboScan: Scans all 80 channels in under 2 seconds for rapid channel detection.
  • NetworkScan: Dynamically switches channels to avoid interference, ensuring clear communication.
  • AutoSkip: Skips nuisance channels during scanning without deleting them from memory.

Enjoy hassle-free communication wherever you go with the TX3120S Plug n Play, designed for simplicity and reliability on the road.

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