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Product Features:

  • Direct replacement for the OEM unit
  • 162.5% increase in core volume
  • 42mm core crafted from polished aluminium, TIG welded
  • Enhanced fluid capacity
  • 3-core design with hemmed fins and stepped cores
  • High-performance cap equipped for temperature measurement

This radiator stands as a direct replacement for the OEM unit, meticulously crafted to outperform standard radiators. We've completely revamped the original slim core and plastic end tanks, replacing them with a robust full aluminium construction, TIG-welded to withstand rough terrains and challenging conditions. Our design boasts a 42mm thick core, marking an impressive 162.5% increase over the stock unit. Additionally, this radiator features a 3 core design for optimized cooling.

Our use of hemmed fins, providing double the thickness, significantly enhances strength and durability. The stepped cores offer a unique angled design that promotes unhindered airflow through the core.

Why Upgrade, You Ask? The stock radiator in your car was engineered for average driving conditions, but your driving needs exceed those limits. Your off-road excursions and heavy towing impose additional heat on the radiator, surpassing the stock radiator's intended capacity. ORD aluminium radiators introduce a higher level of cooling capacity, surpassing what stock radiators can provide. This ensures maximal engine efficiency, maintaining optimal engine temperatures even in the most extreme conditions.