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Here's a rundown of the product features:

  • Direct fit, requires no modification from the OEM unit
  • 162.5% increase in core volume
  • 42mm core made of polished aluminium and TIG welded
  • Increased fluid capacity
  • 3-core design with hemmed fins and stepped cores
  • Equipped with a high-performance cap

This radiator stands as a direct replacement for the OEM unit. We've engineered it with your vehicle's robustness in mind, addressing the limitations of the stock core and plastic end tanks. Our radiator boasts a full aluminium, TIG-welded construction, ensuring durability on and off-road. We've significantly increased the core's thickness to 42mm, marking a substantial 162.5% increase over the stock unit. Plus, it's designed with a 3 core layout.

The use of a hemmed fin doubles the thickness, enhancing strength and longevity. The stepped cores employ a unique angled design that facilitates free airflow through the core.

Our rigorous testing has demonstrated remarkable temperature reductions. Whether it's towing, idling, or navigating off-road terrains, this radiator has shown its ability to mitigate overheating issues.

You'll benefit from a 12-month warranty with this upgrade. Now, why should you consider this upgrade? The stock radiator was built to meet average driving demands, but if you're taking your car off-road or towing heavy loads for extended periods, you're subjecting your radiator to more heat than it was designed for. Our ORD aluminium radiators provide superior cooling capacity that surpasses what stock radiators can offer. This upgrade maximizes your engine's efficiency and ensures optimal cooling, even in the most extreme conditions.