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At Budget 4x4 Life, we provide custom-built suspension options tailored to your needs. Choose between coil springs and shock absorbers from three quality brands: EFS, WCS, and Dobinsons and send us an email to with your front and rear shock and coil preferences for a quote.

Suspension Options:

Front Coil Springs:

  • 0-65kg Struts (Petrol Engine) EFS
  • 0-65kg Struts (Petrol Engine) WCS
  • 0-65kg Struts (Petrol Engine) Dobinsons
  • 0-65kg Struts (Diesel Engine) EFS
  • 0-65kg Struts (Diesel Engine) WCS
  • 50-80kg Struts (Diesel Engine) Dobinsons
  • 70-100kg Struts (Diesel Engine) EFS
  • 70-100kg Struts (Diesel Engine) WCS
  • 80-100kg Struts (Diesel Engine) Dobinsons

Front Shocks:

  • EFS
  • WCS
  • Dobinsons IMS
  • Dobinsons MRR Remote Res

Rear Coils:

  • 0-100kg SWB Dobinsons
  • 0-150kg SWB WCS
  • 200kg Constant SWB Dobinsons
  • 0-100kg LWB Dobinsons
  • 0-150kg LWB WCS
  • 180kg Constant LWB Dobinsons
  • 250kg Constant LWB Dobinsons
  • 300kg LWB WCS
  • 400kg Constant LWB Dobinsons

Rear Shocks:

  • EFS
  • WCS
  • Dobinsons IMS
  • Dobinsons MRR Remote Res

Shock Absorber Type:

  • EFS and WCS shocks are twin-tube shocks, offering reliable performance and durability. They provide a comfortable ride suitable for national parks and beach drives.
  • Dobinsons shocks are monotube, ideal for heavy towing, off-roading, and long-distance travel, delivering superior handling and control.

When comparing a Twin-Tube to a Monotube:

  1. Design:

    • Twin-tube shocks feature two cylinders: an inner and outer tube. They are known for their durability and ability to dissipate heat efficiently, making them suitable for various driving conditions.
    • Monotube shocks have a single-tube design, providing consistent performance under heavy loads and high temperatures. They offer enhanced responsiveness and control, making them ideal for performance-oriented applications.
  2. Performance:

    • Twin-tube shocks offer a smoother ride and better comfort for everyday driving, making them suitable for light off-roading and city commuting.
    • Monotube shocks excel in high-performance situations, providing superior damping and handling characteristics, making them ideal for aggressive off-roading, heavy towing, and long-distance travel.
  3. Application:

    • Choose twin-tube shocks for a balance of comfort and durability in everyday driving scenarios.
    • Opt for monotube shocks for enhanced performance and control in demanding off-road conditions or when towing heavy loads.
  4. Warranty:

    • EFS and WCS offer a generous 3-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind and long-lasting quality.
    • Dobinsons provides a 2-year warranty, still offering reliability and performance assurance.

Fits Mitsubishi Pajero NM NP NS NT NW NX 2000-2021

Note: Please contact for Pickup or fitting in Brendale, Brisbane Only.

Shipping prices will change for rural areas.

All West Coast Suspensions products sold by Budget 4x4 Life come with a 3-year/100,000km warranty (bushes - 1-year warranty).

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