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Car Description

Product Features:

  • Direct replacement for the OEM unit
  • 75mm core made of polished aluminium and TIG-welded
  • Built to handle increased power demands
  • Upgraded O-rings for improved durability
  • Compatible with our range of silicone hoses
  • Significant increase in performance and torque
  • 91% larger core size compared to stock

Our redesigned intercooler is crafted to elevate your driving experience. We've replaced the slender stock core and plastic end tanks with a robust full aluminium construction, TIG-welded to withstand tough road conditions. Our design boasts a thicker core, measuring 75mm, and increased dimensions at 580x225x75 compared to the OEM unit's 580x160x50, marking a remarkable 91% increase in core size.

This upgraded intercooler efficiently lowers induction air temperatures, enhancing overall engine output. We provide stronger O-rings to address concerns about the factory part's frequent failure.

Why Upgrade, You Ask? The stock intercooler, due to its size, tends to develop leaks at joints and cracks in the plastic ends. Installing aftermarket bullbars and accessories further impedes airflow. Our larger, high-performance unit offers substantial benefits. We've increased the height at the top to facilitate improved airflow with aftermarket accessories.

Note Please anticipate potential modifications required for aftermarket accessories and brackets. This intercooler won't fit with a double trans cooler and is suitable for use with two single trans coolers only.